tello talk money fb biography – Tello Talk Earn Money 2021

tellotalk money fbbiography

Hello, Guys welcome back today we will discuss how to download tello talk money fb biography and earn money with it. Tello talk money FB biography provides you free chances to earn money. And get a free sim balance through that money.

TelloTalk keeps our uniqueness by combining hyperlocalized Communication, Content, Commerce & Community services on a digital program Pakistanis everywhere can call home. Let’s Start Chatting and earn money by chatting with friends. You can get free internet from here.

tello talk money fb biography

if you need to make money from the Tello Talk money app Pakistani messenger app accurately see our article.Tello Talk FB biography Messenger app Pakistan’s first free chatting app that provides you more than just messaging! Enter a world of possibilities where everything is completely free from messaging, posters, B2C channels, corporate service integration, regional Pakistani keyboards, music, sports, and news. This free all in one chip app is designed primarily for Pakistan and it is complete with exciting new features that will improve your way of what messenger can do. tellotalk is the best website where you can get tellotalk app for free. Basically is now turned off by the owner. But don’t worry I will provide you tello talk app by

Download Tellotalk app by fbbiography.

Here we will discuss how to download tellotalk money app by fbbiography. Tellotalk is a money making application through which you can make money by just texting.

To download tellotalk follow the steps.

  1. Open Chrome browser and search pkchitchat.
  2. Now open pkchitchat website and search tellotalk.
  3. Now you will see tellotalk fbbiography app.
  4. Just open it ,download and enjoy it.

XXXX Dry Review All Details about XXXX Dry

xxxx dry review

XXXX Dry Review

XXXX dry is an early product for internal purposes only. Kept discouraged at the temperature of 6 degrees, with 131 calories, and supposed to be the lager beer, the Dry Australian Lage Beer named XXXX Dry is a light yellow cold alcoholic drink. It comes with a different aroma which makes the beer taste and smells very refreshing. Barley gives it flavor and XXX Dry gets its crisp close from the malt.

 After a period of having a decline in sales, XXXX launched a new variant under the historic brand ‘dry’. Their purpose is the new generation of people who would end up taking beer. Till this refreshing and considerably better launch, the brand has strived to work on their XXXX Gold brand but they have changed the taste of the beer quite a bit. Start reading xxxx dry review from below.

Customer Reviews

Customers have stated that they have experienced consuming the XXXX Dry Gold. They came across it while seeming for something different and once that they were capable to get away from the technical terms that are used for beers, they found the XXXX Dry, and they were completely moved towards the brand instantly with the Dry style.

Another comment on the beer is that the XXXX Dry is considered to be the beer that is one of a kind with an amazingly refreshing taste and the crisp finish is what they discover so amazing. They also suggested that, with the launch of XXXX Dry, they have moved back to the brand and decided what other products they had and found that the nature of their beverages has not happened, even a little bit.

Brand Expectations

XXXX Dry is a significantly big part of the business and it is a great addition to the drinks that they have recently made. They not only put in a huge sum of money, but they also provide it their time and everything that they needed to promote their product 

This is their one big shot at making sure that their brand stays floating and stays at a leading position for years and years to come.

With the ship of XXXX Dry, the trademark XXXX was tried to return and the only way this was possible was with the launch of a product that people would have been interested in and XXXX Dry was their one shot at actually trying to put out a product that people would be involved in for years and years to come

Past and Future Endeavors

XXXX is understood to be a highly loved brand in Queensland and that is because the brand has been throughout for a considerable amount of time, more than over a century. This is the reason that people have had the brand in their careers for generations and since they are so suited to it, no one ever considered stepping out of their support zone till this generation. This generation is prone to experimenting so it was not possible to keep them fastened to XXXX only based on the old having tastes, beverages, and products.

XXXX Dry was released in April 2020, and after it’s release has been known by every one of age as a dry and crisp beer

Renna Mobile Internet Packages 2021 – Renna Mobile Oman

renna mobile internet packages

Renna Mobile Internet is used in Oman. Renna mobile packages are listed here to get internet packages at a low cost. Oman has 5 networks at this time. One of them is renna mobile.

Renna Mobile is providing the best services for some past years. Renna mobile internet packages are less costly and it is the fastest in speed.

Renna Mobile Internet Packages.

RO 55 GB30 Days*181*5530#
RO 6.5006 GB 30 Days *181*6505#

RO 8.4008 GB 30 Days *181*808#

RO 15.75022 GB 30 Days *181*1530#
RO 10.50012 GB 30 Days *181*1015#

Internet packages for renna mobile are listed in this table. The price starts from RO 5 to RO 15.750. The data plan starts from 5 GB to 25 GB. Their time period is 30 days in all packages. Activation codes are different for different packages. Check Jazz free internet codes

renna mobile internet packages
renna mobile internet packages

Renna Mobile Oman Internet Plans.

Price Data Validity Activation
300 Bz  95 MB3 Days*181*001#
500 Bz 190 MB3 Days*181*001#
RO  1950 MB1 Day*181*111#
RO  1300 MB7 Days*181*001#
RO  2.100750 MB 14 Days*181*2000#
RO 2.5001.25 GB30 Days*181*2505#
RO  31.5 GB30 Days*181*0315#
RO 3.5002 GB30 Days*181*3505#
RO  4.2002.5 GB30 Days*181*4005#
RO 4.5003 GB30 Days*181*4505#
RO  55 GB30 Days*181*5530#
RO  2125 GB 30 Days*181*20005#

This is the best combination of renna mobile internet plans. In this plan data packages start at less cost. that’s the reason it is the user’s favorite plan. The Price to activate this package starts from RO 1 to RO 21. Data storage starts from 19 MB to 25 GB.

The validity of this program is 1 Day to 30 Days and activation codes are different for different kind of packages.

Renna Mobile Data Plan Oman.

Price with VAT DATA   Validity Activation
2.100300 MB Anytime + 700 MB Night30 Days*181*2002#
3.150750 MB Anytime + 1000 MB Night30 Days*181*3002#
8.4003 GB Anytime + 4 GB Night30 Days*181*8002#

This is the day-night data plan. It’s price starts from RO 2.100 to 8.400. Data storage is 300 Mb to 4 Gb. The Validity of this plan is 30 Days. The activation code is different for different packages.

Renna Mobile Data Plan.

2.000 1.5 GB  Night30 Days*181*51#
3.0003 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
4.0004 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
5.0006 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
8.00010 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
12.00015 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#
15.00020 GB  Night 30 Days *181*51#

This plan also provides a pricing rate from OMR 2.000 to 15.000. Data storage is 1.5 GB to 20 GB. The validity of this plan is 30 days. The activation code is different for different packages.

Renna Mobile Online Recharge.

You must have a question that how to recharge renna mobile. Here is the complete guide how to recharge renna mobile online.

  1. Go to recharge.rennamobile

2. On the right-hand side. Enter the required details.

3. In captcha enter the text showing.

4. Select the payment method debit/credit card.

5. Select recharge. Renna mobile will be recharged.

how to get internet settings for renna mobile

MMS Settings

Using Renna Mobile you can send Multi-Media Messages (MMS) to all national and many international mobile numbers. Before doing it please do sure your phone is configured with the resulting settings. Please ask the user guide of your phone for a complete description of how to configure these settings for your specific phone

NameRenna MMS
UsernameNo username required. Leave it blank
PasswordNo password required. Leave it blank
APN Typemms
MMS Proxy192.168.203.35
MMS Port8080

How to check balance in renna mobile

To check the balance in renna mobile. Dial *1812*# on your mobile dialer. Renna mobile available balance will be shown.


In this article, we have discussed the best internet packages of renna mobile. How to activate that packages? How to check balance in renna mobile? How to get internet setting for renna mobile. Alot of detailed queries are discussed here in this article.

Jazz Free Internet Code 2021 – Free 4G Internet Mbs

Jazz Free Internet Code

Jazz Free Internet code 2021. Jazz is providing the fastest internet than other sims. Jazz 4G is providing wonderful services for a long time. But today we will discuss how to get free jazz internet with these secret codes. Also Check Zong Call Packages.

Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited making business as Jazz is a Pakistani mobile network and internet services provider informed by the organization of Mobilink and Warid. It gives a range of services for prepaid and postpaid customers to personal and corporate clients. It is headquartered in Islamabad, and the popular CEO is Aamir Hafeez Ibrahim.

Jazz Free Internet Code
Jazz Free Internet Code

Jazz Free Internet Code List

Jazz Internet GBCodeValid
5GB6762#3 Days
Unlimited 2G Internet*462#
1 GB*5555#1 Day
25 MB*225#1 Day
50 GB*117*9*3#7 Days

FREE Internet Through Jazz Free TV App

You can also get jazz free internet through jazz world app. Jazz world app is a free and official app from jazz. Jazz users can earn free mbs daily from this app. But how to get it don’t worry I will guide you how to get jazz free internet.

To get free mbs from jazz world app you have to download jazz world app from here.

Jazz Free Internet New Codes 2021.

I already shared jazz new codes list above .But here are some paid and free mix codes. Above I shared totally free codes but here some are paid and some are free. Following are jazz free internet codes.

  • Type *836# to get jazz free 300MBs internet that can be used between 1 AM-7 PM.
  • Type this code *117*91# and you can get Mobilink Jazz 5GB Free Internet. 
  • To get free 50 GB internet on jazz Mobilink Warid. Just type *832# You will receive 500 MB Free Internet on your Jazz sim.
  • Dial*114*6# to begin the Jazz student social bundle for free. 
  • Dial*191# to begin Jazz’s new sim offer for free. You will be given 700mbs, 700 SMS, and 700 minutes for 7-days.
  • Dial*117*72*3# to initiate the new Jazz 4G sim offer for free.
  • Dial*264# to activate Jazz 2G endless internet for free. To have 2G internet you
  • Dial*500# to receive free internet with a jazz device proposal.
  • Dial*443*7# to check Jazz 4G sim status. If your sim is 4G then dial *443*30# to reactivate the Jazz
  • 4G sim offer for free. By writing this code on your mobile dailer you will receive 4GB + 400 Jazz/ Warid
  • Mins & 4000 SMS for 7-days for free on jazz.
  • Dial *826# for free internet on Jazz. Type *824#.
  • To receive 500mbs internet free for 3-days just type *832# from your phone and you will get 500 MB
  • free Internet on your Mobilink sim.
  • Dial*441*29# to get 1Gb internet for free.
  • Dial*441*25# to get 2000sms free for 30-days.
  • Dial*999# for free internet codes on Jazz.
  • Dial*825# for free internet.

Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer/code

Everyone uses WhatsApp nowadays but it cost the internet. So here, Jazz allows Free internet WhatsApp as a special offer. Jazz users have to dial *225# code and then on every call, you’ll get 65 MBs that can be used on WhatsApp. You can get this extra for up to 10 calls every day. That indicates if you did 10 calls you’ll get 650 MBs for WhatsApp free.

  • Subscription code Fee FREE
  • Subscription Code *225#
  • Status Code *225*2#

Jazz Sim Lagao Offer Free Internet.

Jazz sim lagao offer provides free internet to those users who have no used their sim for the last 30 days.If you are one of them then you can activate 6GB data including 3GB for WhatsApp, Along with this 3000 Jazz to Jazz minutes and 3000 local SMS will be provided for 60 days.

To get this offer activated dial *551# from your Jazz SIM.1 Paisa is the cost of this offer. Enjoy free internet if you have jazz sim.

Jazz Lockdown Offer.

Jazz offers free internet in lockdown for jazz users. Because in lockdown mostly people are jobless so they can get free internet in lockdown. How to activate jazz lockdown offer let’s see.

To get new Jazz 4G sim offer for free dial *117*72*3#. Dial *500# to activate free internet with jazz device offer.

Internet Offer:Free Internet
Offer:500 MB
Offer ValidityFirst 10 days
Activation Code11772*2#

How can I get free MB on my jazz SIM?

Jazz users can get jazz free internet through the jazz world app. Jazz world app is a free and official app from jazz. Jazz users can earn free MBS daily from this app.

How can I get free 4gb data on jazz?

Jazz 4G is providing wonderful services for a long time. If your sim is 4G then dial *443*30# to reactivate the Jazz

Is WhatsApp free on Jazz?

Jazz allows Free internet WhatsApp as a special offer. Jazz users have to dial *225# code and then on every call, you’ll get 65 MBs that can be used on WhatsApp.

How can I activate jazz monthly WhatsApp?

6 GB DATA3000 Jazz Mins150 Other Network Mins3000 SMS

Rs.621 (Incl. Tax)SUBSCRIBE NOW

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Death Reality. Dr Abdul Qadeerr Khan is dead?

dr abdul qadir khan death

Everyone is posting on their Facebook walls about Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Death. But I will tell you the reality that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is dead or alive? The man who developed atomic power for Pakistan is in danger. He died today on 10th Oct 2021.

My real life hero, mohsin e pakistan dr abdul qadeer khan is no more. He made pakistan a nuclear power and made us undefeatable. May his soul rest in peace.

This type of post is being posted on the walls of dr Abdul Qadeer khan fans. This is the saddest news we hear early in the morning. But now I will tell you is Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan’s death news is real or fake.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Death

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Death:

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has died on 10th October 2021. Fake news is being circulated on social media platforms about his death. But the real news is he is still alive. He was tested positive for Covid 19 but he is still alive.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is ill?

Pakistani state media announced on Thursday that Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Kadir Khan, usually known as AQ Khan, was granted to a military hospital later testing positive for COVID-19.
According to Pakistan’s Associated Press, Khan, who is 85 years old was admitted to Khan Research Laboratory Hospital on August 26.
Khan’s health declined due to disease and he was hooked up to a ventilator at the hospital.
The country’s main opposition leader and previous ruling party leader, Sheikhbaz Sharif, said: “The news that Pakistan’s Dr. Abdul Kadir Khan from Fahl (proud of Pakistan) changed to a respiratory device is very shocking. people are upset and sad. ”

Muslim League of Pakistan. -Nawaz,

He asked the whole country to pray for Khan’s speedy return. Khan was born in Bhopal, India in 1936 and shifted to Pakistan with his family after the division of the subcontinent in 1947.
Abdul Kadir Khan, an engineer of Pakistan’s nuclear program, fell out of favor with the country’s military institutions during the government of General Pervez Musharraf.

He was placed under house arrest in 2004, but after the end of he was released in 2009. Musharraf government. Khan has reached the country’s nuclear program for approximately 25 years and is acknowledged as Pakistan’s national hero. Real Earning Apps | Free Balance | Ehsaas Kafalat

Hello guys do you want to earn money through free apps. So you are on Because here we will discuss how to earn money from real earning apps? How to earn money from ehsaas kafalat? Here I will share free balance trick is the platform where you can learn free internet tricks and how to make money online through tello talk app. Make money with ehsaas emergency program.

fb biography money ehsaas kafalat.

Ehsaas Kafaalat fb biography is the Government’s program through which it will give cash wages of Rs. 2,000 periodically and bank accounts to the most worthy and most underprivileged women across the country. Through a parallel Ehsaas policy initiative, women will also get better access to smartphones, as a step towards digital composition. For the program, recipients will be recognized through a household survey and through Ehsaas NADRA Desk Registration Centres supported by SMS and Kafaalat web-service. At least one desk registration center will be placed up in each Tehsil of all districts across Pakistan. Ehsaas Kafaalat Registration features can be reached here. Also download everdale apk

tello talk money app .

if you want to make money from the Tello Talk Pakistani messenger app accurately read our article.Tello Talk Messenger app Pakistan’s first free chatting app that allows you more than just messaging! Enter a world of opportunities where everything is completely free from messaging, posters, B2C channels, corporate service integration, regional Pakistani keyboards, music, sports, and news. This free all in one chip app is produced primarily for Pakistan and it is complete with interesting new features that will change your way of what Messenger can do

fb biography Earn Money.

Using you can earn 1000 rupees daily from your mobile. Because fb biography provides you the best apps to earn money online. If you are new here you must know about tello talk app by fb biography. Using this app you can earn money and use that money to get a free sim balance.

fb biography free balance.

Using you can win free sim balance. Tello Talk app provides you free sim balance for jazz sim, telenor sim, zong sim, warid sim, and all the other networks. After winning free internet from tello talk app you can use free internet.


Today we have discussed about that how you can earn money from fb biography platform. It is an easy platform for making a lot of money. To earn money online is very very easy using fb biography.

Ayesha Akram Leaked Video | Ayesha Akram Tiktoker New Scandal Leaked with Rambo

Ayesha kram leaked video k bary ma to aapane suna hi hoga Jeetu ka ise Aaj Ham Baat Karne Wale Hain Ayesha Akram ke bare mein Jis per minar-e-pakistan Mein 14th August ko 400 bandhuon ny tashadud kia. Tab sabka Dil Khafa hua tha ki Pakistan mein yah kya ho raha hai Pakistan ki andar Mein Minar -e -Pakistan mein yah Aisa Vakya Kaise Pesh a sakta hai 400 Bande ek ladki ke upar Chadh Jaaye to tab sabka dil to khfa Hoga. Or ab ayesha akram new scandal leaked with rambo ayaha. lekin Jaise hi bad Mein is ladki ki Hakikat Khuli Iske Raj Khule sabka Dil ko ekadam Se jatka lg gya matlab ke Ham Sab hairan Pareshan Rah Gaye ki ham log kis ladki ko support kar rahe the wo he besharam nikli

ayesha akram leaked video

Ayesha Akram leaked video Lahore

Aaj Ham Baat Karne Wale Hain Ayesha Akram leaked video ke bare mein Jigar Ayesha Akram Dikhta Kar Ke Kafi Dada scandal leak hue hain Jo Rambo ke sath hi Rambo bhi tik tok Karen Ayesha Akram bhi tik tok Hai girls Yahan per ham log baat karne Ja Rahe Hain aajkal Mein kiski kaun kaun se scandal leak Hua Hai Ek to aapane video Kareena Ki dekhne ok Aisa Karam bilkul Nashe Mein Hi Sharab usne bhi hai aur Babaji Sialkot Ke Rahi Hai Babaji Lari Ada kar rahi hai Matlab Ki Is Tarah Ki baten vah kar rahi hai to usmein Jo uske sath Harkat Desai vah bhi aapane Dekhi Hogi main aapko Halki si picture dikhata hun puri video mein bhi aapko Nahin dukaan ka Jara Si Baat Hai Main Bhi Banakar Nahin Hona main aapko Aisa prove Thodi Si Halki si picture dikha raha hun blured picture Taki aapko vahan Iske Hakikat ka bhi pata chal Jaaye

Ayesha Akram Tiktoker New Scandal Leaked with Rambo

Uske bad jo iski Jo L & P records mein video viral Ki Hai kissing video with Rambo 2 Rambo koi apna Chhota bhai Mangi Thi to use Chhote bhai ke sath mein Itni gandi Harkat ki donon mein Jaise Lage hue hain kissing karne To Mere Khyal se yah Jo Chhota bhai usne Kaha Tha kam se kam bhai ke rupaye ka Yad rakhiyo begairat Aurat ke usne Chhote bhaiyon bade bhai ke rupaye ka aayojan bilkul Dhokha Diya Hai bhai Is Tarah Se Nahin Hote Hain Jis Tarah Se usne by car route vah Hamen show kiya hai to Abhi ham log baat karte hain uski Jo news scandle hai aisa Karam Ke abhi tak office can delete ho chuke hain Jin Main

Ayesha akram leaked video with rambo

Ayesha Akram Sialkot Video

Yahan per hamare pass sabse pahle rambo  wala seen Aata Hai  guys 1 YouTube channel Nouman ke naam se koi banda hai usne pahle din hi YouTube per uski Hakikat Bata De Thi lekin tab Ham Sab Mein Mere se main use 15 ko criticize Kiya usko hate Diya uski channel ko reports ki lekin ka bad Mein Jab Hakikat Khuli To Humne use Bande Ko ekdum se jyada kya Fauj Kiya Dekha ki vah banaa To Sach Keh Raha Tha Kyunki Shayad yah bandage heinemann usko Jaanta tha uski Hakikat Seva kar tha bad Mein Naman bhai Nahin Hai video bhi Banai Ke Mujhe Pahle Se criticize Kiya gaya tha to bad Mein usmein is baat ka plane Bhi Kiya Humne usko appreciate Bhi Kiya two guys Yahan per Jo scandals hai vah aapko picture Mane dikha de Hai video kharab login dekhni hai to is niche Diye Gaye link per click karo video aap log dekh sakte ho gaye to Mein Milta hun aap kaun next video mein bye bye take care 


Download Everdale Apk (by Supercell) Free for Android


Download Everdale Apk by Supercell. Are you a lover of supercell games? So we are here with the latest version of everdale apk. It is the new farm simulation game powered by supercell. You can download everdale from here and start a great farm simulation game.

Play with your friends to create a society upon jokes and cooperation. Farm and garden. Collect and craft. Trade and sell. Harvest and receive the rewards!

Build your village and expand the peaceful lands that encircle you. Upgrade and progress in a world with no attacks, no war, and no losses. Simply allow your villagers to grow in the land you’ve built up with your community.

Nowadays most people favor simulation games over actions game in which you have to fight facing other players to remain to live which involve a lot of pressure. But this simulation game helps players to satisfy their minds by making their practical city, villages, and many more stuff.

Supercell Everdale Apk

Everdale game is officially published by Supercell. But you can download it from pkchitchat for free. Everdale contains a lot of features including these.

What is Everdale?

Collect and craft unique items to produce your dreams to life. There’s no end to what we can accomplish when we work together! Actively maintain your village or just rest and enjoy the pleasant productivity.

There’s no limit to what you and your friends can obtain. Enjoy peaceful village construction and experience your very own community with Everdale.

Build your escape world:

  • Create and upgrade a bustling village
  • Grow and cut crops and resources for mysterious natural resources
  • Customize your villagers and train them new skills!

Grow your Valley:

  • Experience adventures with a different cast of fantastic characters!
  • Sustain relationships with traders from far off lands
  • Create, craft, and sell boatloads of goods
  • Finish it all cooperatively with your friends!
  • Relax while you build:
  • Play with cool sound and music
  • Build and upgrade without losing flow to battles and attacks!
  • Hang out with enchanting spirit beings
  • Relax in a peaceful natural environment
  • Cook so much soup
  • Build your fantasy village in Everdale!


These are some brilliant features you can get with this app on your Android.

  • Get more activity in the classroom.
  • Your journey will bring you to some funny characters!
  • Create a relationship with different retailers.
  • Creating and selling boatloads of goods.
  • Harmonize into the satisfying sounds and music.
  • Don’t need to register.
  • Permission is not required.
  • APK is free to download.
  • You can choose from different slot games and card games upon installing the app.
  • Promote the village by expressing new structures.
  • Through action and interruption, you don’t have to lose the process.
  • Get influenced by mysterious spirit animals.
  • Rest in the middle of nature’s music.
  • So enormously soup to serve.
  • Everything is possible if you struggle collectively.
  • There are various levels of games.
  • Ads from third parties are not allowed.
  • This game has a mobile-friendly appearance.
  • Occupy mysterious ancestral resources by planting and collecting products.
  • Find new works by customizing your villagers, enjoy.
  • Search more options and highlights in the game.
Welcome to Everdale

Download Everdale APK.

Are you trying to download the world’s best farming simulation game? So, everdale apk is the best choice. Here you can download it easily. On this same page, you will see a download button. Just click it and everdale app is downloaded. Now the process did not end here. Follow the complete method for installing this app.

How to Install Everdale Apk?

After the successful download of everdale from our website. Now you can install everdale apk. Just click the downloaded apk file. And Click Install. Now Allow unknown sources. The install button will be eligible. And Everdale apk is installed successfully.


Guys we have described everything about your problem “Everdale” I hope you have experienced it. I’ve shown you how you can download the Everdale supercell apk on android. Also, teach the method to get begun with this app. So I have described these things above. If you need additional information you can comment below. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends.

PRSP Jobs 2021 August | How to Apply Online?

PRSP Jobs 2021

PRSP Jobs 2021 24 August  2021 Tuesday ko tashreef la chuki hain. Prsp name 480 Se Jyada naukariyon ka ilaaj Kiya Hai,Hai PRSP jobs 2021 Kis Tarah Se apply karna hai hai application form kab Jama karna hai aaj Ham aapko Tamam detail batayenge.

PRSP New Jobs 2021 List.

Prsp Mein 480 Se Zyada asamiya Khali Hai apply karne ki date kya hai hai sala Re package kya hai hi reply Kis Tarah Se karna hai Tamam detail aapko nichy dekh sakti hain. Mazeed FIA jobs k liye apply b krien.

  • Job Posted date: 24th August 2021 Tuesday
  • Newspaper name: Express
  • Job Location: Pakistan
  • Education needed: Matric, Relevant Diploma, Intermediate, Bachelor, and Master
  • Number of Vacancies: 480+
  • Organization Name: Prime Recruitment Services Pakistan PRSP
  • Last Apply Date: September 15, 2021
  • Salary package: 23000 to 82700
  • Address: P.O Box No. 482, Rawalpindi

Lecturers Subject Name:

Prsp ki 2021 Mein new Aane wali jobs Mein lecturers ke 15 subject name Diye gaye hain. Inke Naam aap niche dekh sakte hain

  • Urdu,
  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Physics,
  • Chemistry,
  • General Science,
  • Arabic,
  • Islamiyat,
  • Biology,
  • Computer,
  • Accounting,
  • Economics.

PRSP Jobs Posts Name:

r. NoPost NameQualificationBoys CollageGirls Collage
1.Principals (SPS-16)Master2612
2.Lecturers (SPS-16)Bachelor17286
3.Qari/Qaria (SPS-12)Certificate / Diploma5226
4.Accounts Clerk (SPS-15)Bachelor2814
5.Stenographers (SPSInter3113
6.CRO (SPS-09)Matric1508

How to Apply Online for PRSP Jobs 2021.

  • PRSP sirf service provide krny k liye firm ha.
  • Jo welsan group ko medium frahim karti ha.
  • Tmam appointments start ma contract ki base pr hon gi.
  • Mahzoor or Aqliaati umeed waro ko application submit krwany ki trgeeb di gai ha.
  • Dilchasbi rkhny waly umeedwar pr online darkhwast jama krwaien.
  • Tmam candidates apni fee Rs.450/ submit krwaien Jazzcash a/c TILL ID 001880180R QR Code k zariye. Personal A/c k liye ye code Dial 7860#& krien or ye TILL ID 00188018)& enter krien. Merchant A/C sy ye Dial 8005#& krien or ye enter krienTILL ID 00188018).
  • Fee submission k liye ap apny relative ya shopkeeper ka account b use kr skty ho.
  • TID id receive krny k bahd saboot k tor pr sambhal kr rkhien.
  • Test k bahd sirf shortlisted umeedwaro ko bulaya jay ga
  • Ye ksi b adalat ma challenge ni kia ja skta.
  • What is the last date to apply for PRSP Jobs 2021?
  • Apply krny ki Last date 15 SEPTEMBER 2021 ha.,Apply%20Online

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Release Date | کورولوش عثمان سیزن 3 ریلیز تاریخ

کورلوش عثمان سیزن 3

کورولوش عثمان سیزن دوم کی کامیابی کے بعد اب کرولش عثمان کی ٹیم سیزن تھری کی دوم دار تیاریوں میں لگی ہوئی ہے اور سیزن تھری ہمیں سیزن دوم اور دیکھنے کو ملے گا جیسا کہ ناظرین آپ لوگ جانتے ہیں اور عثمان کا سیزن ٹو جواب یہی ختم ہوا ہے بہت ہی اعلی قسم کا پیش کیا گیا تھا اور اس کی ریٹنگ کافی زبردست آئی تھی جس کی بنا پر سیزن تھری کا آغاز کیا جا رہا ہے اور ہمیں سیزن تھری میں بہت سی چیزیں بدلی ہوئی نظر آئیں گی اور اس میں زیادہ اچھے سین دیکھنے کو ملیں گے کیوں کہ ناظرین سیزن ٹو اور سیزن ون کی کامیابی کے بعد تھری کی کامیابی زیادہ معنی رکھتی ہے کیونکہ اگر سیزن تھری کی کامیابی ہوگی اور  تب ہی سیزن فور کی کامیابی ہوگی اور اسی طرح سیزن فائیو اس کی کامیابی پر ہی مبنی ہے لیکن اب تری کب ریلیز ہوگا جو کہ بہت سے دیکھنے اور سننے والوں کو اس چیز کی بہت زیادہ جلدی ہے کسی جنتری ریلیز ہو اور ہم سبسیزن تھری کو دیکھ کر خوش ہو سکیں لیکن یہاں پر سیزن تھری میں کیا کیا ہونے والا ہے اس کے اوپر تھوڑی سی بات کر لیتے ہیں کے بارے میں جاننے سے پہلے سیزن تھری کی جو کریکٹرز ٹھیک ہیں ہیں

وہ یہ ہیں کہ اس کے اندر کون کون سے اداکار شامل ہیں اور کیا جو سب سے بڑا بڑا سوال ہے ہاںجو سیزن تھری میں بھی پلیز آسمان کے چاہنے والوں کے دل میں رہ گیا کہ ترگت کی واپسی نہیں ہوئی لہذا آپ لوگ تجھ کو تو جانتے ہوں گے جو اقبال کا ایک بہت ہی اچھا ساتھی تھا بزی عبدالرحمن غازی کی شہادت تو ہو گی لیکن ترکت کی واپسی نہیں ہوئی لیکن سیزن تھری میٹر کی واپسی کنفرم ہوگئی لیکن اب ایک اور سوالیہ نشان یہ ہے کہ کیا وہی ہے جو دل میں اداکاری کرتے ہیں یا پھر کسی نے بندے کو دیا جائے گا تو یہ بہت بڑا سوال ہے اگر وہی ترگت چنگیز جوش نہیں واپس آ جاتے ہیں تو پھر تو بہت ہی زبردست ہو جائے گا

اور چاہنے والوں کا بہت اچھا ری ایکشن ہوگا اور اس کی ریٹنگ بھی کافی زیادہ انکریز ہوگی تربت کے آنے سے لیکن اگر تربت کوئی اداکار کو بدل دیا جاتا ہے تو پھر اس کے چانس بہت کم ہو جائیں گے کہ اس کی اچھی سے اچھی بیٹنگ ہو تو یہ ہے بہت ہی بڑا سوال سیزن تھری کے اندر اس کے بعد بات کرتے ہیں کیا ڈرامہ کا کوئی کردار اور کردار پر آئے گا مثلاً ہمارے پاس بھی جانہ تو تھی یا کوئی اور پرانا اہلکار تو تو دیکھیے پرانا اداکار تو کوئی بھی واپس نہیں آئے گا اور نہ ہی اس کے کوئی آنے کے چانس ہیں لیکن انہوں نے جو اپنے قبیلے کو لینے واپس کہی تھی وہ ضرور واپس آئیں گی اور اسی زمین میں ہیں سب جان ختم کی وفات بھی دکھائی جائے گی کیونکہ نہ تو نا بہت بڑی ہو گئی ہیں اور ان کی وفات سیزن تھری نہیں دکھائی جائے گی جو کہ اردو بول کے تمام اداکار شہادت پا گئے ہیں یا وفات پا گئے ہیں ڈرامے میں اور سلیانہ تونبی تک زندہ ہے تو زندگی کی جیت میں دکھائی جائے گی یہ کنفرم ہے

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Release Date | کورولوش عثمان سیزن3 ریلیز تاریخ

اب بات کرتے ہیں سیزن تھری کے ریلیز ہونے کی ڈیٹ کیا ہے تو یہ ایک بہت ہی بڑا سوال ہے سیزن تھری فیز ہوگا تو ہم ہمارے پاس بہت لوگوں کا کیا ہے چلے گا مطلب جیسے کہ ہمارے پاس بہت سے لوگ سیزن تھری یا پھر آسمان کی طرف منہ کرکے اپنی ویب سائٹ پر چل پڑے گا اور اس کے ساتھ ساتھ ناظرین گیا ہے جس میں میں آپ کو ایک بتا دیں تو بہتری کے لیے 2021 30 اکتوبر یا 30 نومبر اس کی ڈیٹ ہے 2021 میں ریلیز ہوگا اور یہ کنفرم نہیں ہے کہ ان دونوں میں ریلیز ہوگا ڈرامہ کی شوٹنگ بلکل جاری ہے لیکن 23نومبر اکتوبر کسی بھی دن ہو سکتا ہے یہ تھی کہ آسمان کی ریلیز ہونے کی ڈیٹ اب ہم لوگ آپ کو بتاتے ہیں کہ گلزار عثمان کا سیزن تھری سٹار کیسے ہوگا

تو نظم کورلوس عثمان کا سیزن تھری بہت ہی اچھے طریقے سے اسٹارٹ ہوگا نہیں دکھائی دی جائے گی اور آخر میں دکھائی جائے گی میں دکھائے گی سیزن تھری کے سٹارٹ میں میں نے کو ختم کرکے کوئی نیا ورژن انٹروڈیوس کروایا جائے گا بیان کر رہی ہے پورا سیزن ٹو متاثر کیا ہے لیکن اب سیزن تھری کولس عثمان میں الوداع کہیں اور ڈرامے سے زیادہ ہو جائے اب نکال کی جگہ کوئی نہیں کوئی نہیں آئے گا اور منگولوں میں کوئی نیا ورژن آئے گا جیسا کہ آپ جانتے ہیں کہ گائے کو مار دیا گیا ہے اب میں بھی ایک زبردست قسم کا علم ہمیں دیکھنے کو ملے گا اور اس کے ساتھ ساتھ آسمان دے اپنی سلطنت کی بنیاد رکھیں گے جس کی بنیاد بہت ہی زبردست طریقے سے ہوگی اور قلعے کو فتح کرنے کے بعد ہوگی انگور کے لیے کو فتح کرنے کے بعد آسمان اپنی سلطنت کی بنیاد رکھیں گے اور اس کے ساتھ عثمان بھائی کا کا بیٹا اور ہاں مغازی اور کا بیٹا بھی اسی سیزن میں پیدا ہوگا اور ان کا ایک دکھایا جائے گا اور ان کا