VidTower – Watch Kurulus Osman All Episodes in Urdu Subtitles.


VidTower is a website to watch Tv shows and films online. You can watch your favorite movies TV shows on the internet by visit -ing this website. This site also offers many other features to its users. Nowadays it’s very difficult for us to find time for watching our favorite television shows which are running on different channels, So Vidtower gives you an opportunity where you can simply search there what you want and will be provided with all relevant information regarding that show or film.

VidTower is doing great work for turkish drama serials since 2019. The owner of vidTower is Syed Yahya Hanif Naqvi. The main seasons that vidtower team is covering are Kurulus Osman, Barbaroslar, Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu (Seljuk), Mendirman Jalaluddin.

Vidtower Kurulus Osman

Vidtower Kurulus Osman is the most popular of vidtower serials. It has almost spread throughout the world and people love to watch it online on vidtower. If you are also a fan of kurulus osman like me then vidtower is the best place for you where you can simply click and get the link, no need to download app just click on vidower website and watch free episodes on your right away on your device.

tVidtower is not only famous for its kurulus osman episodes in urdu but also famous because of it’s high-quality urdu subtitles. Also vidtower is providing other drama serial subtitles in urdu.

Click Here To watch Barbaroslar from vidtower

Vidtower Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu (Seljuk):

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu (Seljuk) serial is available for free on vidtower.

Vidtower is the best website for watching Urdu dramas and is also famous for Urdu subtitles. If you want to watch Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu (Seljuk) then visit vidtower and enjoy high quality like never before, Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu (Seljuk) is provided by vidtower with very high standards of quality which will provide you 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Click Here To watch ALP Arslan (Seljuk) from vidtower

Vidtower Mendirman Jalaluddin:

Mendirman Jalaluddin is also available on vidtower. You can watch it online without any issues. Mendirman Jalaluddin is a very popular Urdu drama serial that is being loved by many people and vidtower team is doing great work by providing high-quality episodes with urdu subtitles.

These are some of the famous serials that vidtower is providing free of cost with high-quality Urdu subtitles. I hope you will like this article and if you have any questions then feel free to ask in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

Click Here To watch Mendirman Jalaluddin from vidtower

Vidtower Barbaroslar

Barbaroslat is the new Turkish series that is being liked by fans. The main role in barbaroslar is Engin Altan. As all of us know that Engin Altan has an excellent performance in Dirilis Ertugrul. He has gained a huge fan following from that drama serial. He gained a fan following in Turkey, Pakistan, and India.

Click Here To watch Barbaroslar from vidtower

So, these are some of the famous serials that vidtower is providing free of cost with high-quality Urdu subtitles. I hope you will like this article and if you have any questions then feel free to ask in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

Sofia Kaif Wiki Biography Age, Husband, Family, Brother, Sisters, Wedding, Net Worth?

sofia kaif wiki biography

Do you want to know more about Sofia Kaif? In this article, we will talk about Sofia Kaif biography, Sofia Kaif Age, Sofia Kaif’s salary, Sofia kaif’s family and wedding, etc. Let’s start with her introduction.

Sofia Kaif Biography:

Sofia Kaif is a very beautiful and young singer from Pakistan and the entire world is attracted to her at this time and do you aspire to know more about Sofia Kaif? Sofia Kaif is an excellent and most attractive new Pakistani Singer, Model, and Actress. 

Sofia Kaif was born in Islamabad Pakistan though she is continuing now in Serramanna, Italy as shown by her professional Facebook page, Her Date of Birth is the 23rd of January 1995 and Zodiac is the birth star. She likes music. Sofia Kaif is a really pop Singer. She is an artist too. She has served both acting and singing however music has more influence on her than all other

Sofia Kaif Age:

According to her official page. Sofia kaif was born on 23rd January 1995 and In 2021 her age is 26. So Sofia kaif is 26 years old.

Sofia Kaif City:

Sofia Kaif was born in Islamabad Pakistan but currently, she is living in Serramanna, Italy.

Sofia Kaif Height:

Sofia kaif’s height is 5 feet 6 inches. So she has a good height.

Sofia Kaif Weight:

Sofia kaif weight is 60 Kg. She is not overweight.

Sofia Kaif Followers:

Sofia Kaif has a huge fan following from Pakistan as well as India. Sofia kaf has 247k Followers on Instagram. She has 3.6 Million Followers on Tiktok as well. And she has 584k Followers on her Facebook page.

Sofia Kaif Marriage Status:

Sofia Kaif is unmarried.

Sofia Kaif husband:

Sofia Kaif has no husband as she is not married yet. People spread fake news of her husband but she is unmarried until now.

Sofia Kaif children,

She has no kids. People also spread fake news regarding her kids.

Sofia Kaif Tiktok.

Sofia Kaif is a famous tiktoker She has 3.6 Million Followers on Tiktok. People loved to watch and listen to her songs. Here is her official account.

Sofia Kaif tiktok Account

Sofia Kaif Facebook:

Sofia Kaif has 584k followers on her Facebook page. People loved to watch her songs on facebook. Here is her official account.

Sofia Kaif Official Facebook Account.

Sofia Kaif Instagram:

Sofia kaif has 247k Followers on Instagram. Here is her official account.

Sofia Kaif Official Instagram

Sofia Kaif Youtube Channel:

Sofia Kaif has 322k Subscribers on her youtube channel. She uploads her latest songs on her youtube channel. Her official youtube channel is.

Sofia Kaif official youtube channel.

Sofia Kaif family:

 Sofia Kaif‘s father’s name is NA and Sofia Kaif‘s mother’s name is NA. Sofia Kaif did education at a reputed educational institution in Pakistan.

Sofia Kaif Hobbies:

Sofia Kaif favorite hobbies are singing, traveling, and making TikTok videos.

Some Interesting Facts About Sofia Kaif:

  • Sofia Kaif won fame for owning eponymous TikTok and Instagram accounts.
  • Sofia grew into the spotlight after only TikTok videos go viral on social media.
  • Sofia Kaif is regarded as one of the top influencers in Pakistan and has cooperated with many commercial ads.

Sofia Kaif Contact:

Sofia kaif has following contact numbers or sources.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Sofia Kaif

Instagram: Sofia Kaif

Tiktok: Sofia Kaif

Youtube: Sofia Kaif

Sofia Kaif Recent Photos:

All the photos are taken from her Instagram account.

Nims Nadra – Create your Corona Vaccination Certificate Online in Pakistan

Do you want to learn how to create a corona vaccination certificate using Nims Nadra? This is quite an easy topic to discuss but some of our Pakistani brothers don’t know how to create a corona certificate. First of all, we will discuss the advantages of creating a corona vaccination certificate and where it is used?

Why to Create Corona Certificate?

Corona Certificate is really important to create nowadays. Corona certificate is checked everywhere. Some of the Places are discussed below.

  • Airports(Before moving to other countries. You should be vaccinated with your vaccination card as a proof.)
  • Roads (Corona vaccination certificate is checked on all the traffic points before going to any other city.)
  • Educational Institutes(Like School, Colleges, Universities).
  • In Offices(used in offices).

How to Create Corona Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan?

I will tell you how to create corona vaccination card through nims website. Lets get started.

  • Now fill these details. Enter ID Card Number. Then on CRC Holder Select Not. If you are not ID card Holder Then select Yes in CRC Section. Also Enter Cinic Issue Date.
  • Fill Captcha just do simple addition and Then move forward.
  • Now You will get an option to pay from credit card or easypaisa. You must select easypaisa option.
  • Now just go to easpaisa app Open it. Now you will see an option of Covid Certificate Fees After clicking on More option.
  • Now Enter the Tracking ID you got on the nims website. After Entering it you have to pay Rs 100.

You have successfully created your covid vaccination certificate in a few minutes. Go back to the website and download your certificate.


This is the complete method to create your corona certificate online without going to Nadra office. As we know in Pakistan there is huge crowd in Nadra office. So to save our time we should use this service offered by Nadra official.

snack video techelby snack video unlimited coins topicboy

Are you seeming for Unlimited coins tricks? Hither you can get Snack Video Unlimited Coins APK for android and PC. In this article, I’ll provide you a Snack Video apk update that is working to help you in earning coins. Pakistani users are watching for Unlimited Coins and APK files of Snack App Update. Don’t bother I am here to show you how you can earn money from Snack App by watching these tips and tricks. Review the Snack VPN now.

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snack video unlimited coins topicboy

This app made millions of installs this period from Pakistan. You can watch exciting funny videos on this app just like Tik Tok. This is an alternative solution to Tiktok. You can use this app to use short videos and live videos from your favorite authors. Just swipe up and resume watching more videos for free. You can also earn money from this app by viewing videos and experiencing this with your friends.

What is the Unlimited Coins Apk?

This is an administration that helps you to develop and Boost Your earnings on the snack video app. If you are doing this app you can earn unlimited coins. This is very simple to increase your coins every day from this app. Just download the Unlimited Coins apk from the link here and begin using it.

How Unlimited Coins App Works?

All you will have to download and introduce this app on your Android phone. Then you will want to connect this app with your snack video app. Once your app is attached, you will have to agree on unlimited coins boost. This will immediately increase your coins. It may take a little while to use this many times. You can also get endless diamonds from this app once by account.

How to Get Unlimited Coins?

Now here I am dying to tell you how you can make many coins and your snack account. This is easy just watch the steps I am going to give below. You can quickly increase your coins using this method.

How to Download Apk?

You can easily download the new version of this app from here. After this, you can install it on your Android phone manually by the method below. If you are studying for a snack video app for PC, then wait for our next article.

Just agree on the download APK button on this page and wait for a few seconds and tell the download starts. It may ask you to provide downloads for your browser. This is the way you can get the application very quickly.

How to Install Apk?

I believe you have happily downloaded this app from here. I am convinced this is the working version of this app. Utilizing this app you can get limitless coins, but first of all, install it. Go to the paper where you should save the APK file.

  • Click on the app File,
  • Drive APK installer for Android.
  • Allow unknown sources and permission.
  • Click on the Next button and then click on install.
  • This will fit your app after a while.

If APK is connected successfully then you can start it. In event of an installation error, you may comment below this post.


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Many people are asking Google Redeem Code Free. Google is giving away Google redeem code for free that you can get on this site. You will also be able to find Google Play Card Codes, Google Plus Codes, Google Drive Space Codes and more here!

How to create an account on “Clap clap”.

To get started with Clip Clap, just download the free app! It’s simple and easy to create an account. In this article I’ll show you how:

-Open your phone or computer browser (if using a laptop make sure it has internet access) ̶ Find “Clip Claps” from Google Play Store by searching for “clicago accents” in search box at top right corner of screen then downloading desired title that appears under current name; tap/click install button next time when prompted by Install -If needed open up File Manager on desktop machine where all local files are stored.

Earn money by watching videos. After creating an account on Clip clap, the first method for getting cash is through Watching online Videos! When you open up your chosen video and once it starts playing all of its ads are over with (most do anyway), there will be a line that begins below just like any other YouTube clip might have done – if not… don’t worry about this because what happens next may surprise even more than usual…
The short burst of text states: You can select from different rewards when completing tasks such as “dollars” or “coins”. The long version continues can select the videos category. You can select the category of videos you want to watch.

Earn money by playing games by

There are many games on Clip Clap, such as Coin cat and Mellorush. You can earn money by playing these kind of game but it’s not like dollars or cents because when you get coins they will be converted into Dollars after that if your exchange them again for Refal Tickets which have better rewards than other kinds!

Earn money by bounty tasks.

By clicking on the bounty tasks option, you will be able to see many different offers. Some of these jobs require that a user complete them with information such as their email address and phone number in order for it count towards earning money or coins; others provide rewards based off how much time was spent doing work like watching videos or articles from certain websites–these offer more passive income but less utility per session (time). It can take some trial-and-error before finding what works best depending on your needs!

Withdraw method.

ClipClap is a social media platform that enables you to earn money through watching videos and playing games. You can easily withdraw your currency in the shape of an mobile phone balance from anywhere across Pakistan! To start withdrawing, just click on “withdraw” under our account settings menu option then select country before entering any information about yourself such as card number or checking account details if necessary (we don’t ask for this). Once we receive confirmation from one provider company about receiving funds into their bank accounts they will be sent out automatically within 24 hours so please stay tuned because there may always be another opportunity coming up soon 😉

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 2 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 is released finally. Fans were waiting for this season. Kurulus Osman season 3 episode 2 in Urdu subtitles is available to watch on pkchitchat. Let’s start with Kurulus Osman season 3 story. Then you can watch it for free.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Release Date In Pakistan

Kurulus Osamn Season 3 is released on 6th October 2021 In Pakistan. Did my father say that? Good. You have given your decision. Best wishes. Well, it is both impressive and beautiful. It’ll be a great chick for you. It suits you. He provides you with beautiful sons. This king matter ends, too. It is a decision needed to reduce the enmity between the two prohibitions. If you suppose I don’t want to. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 1 In Urdu. If you say I don’t agree with Malhun girl

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 4

Then I’ll find someone else. You say that Osman Bey is the love of Sheikh Edebali. If Malhun said to couple your chick. Informally what can I speak? Marry. Your choice is correct. Malian chick is a proper wife for you. Let Gayrı Ertuğrul Gazi’s will, Sheikh Edebali wish, be fulfilled. Let the Kayı basis face his heir. But forgive me, I’d like to be single for a while. I will go to discuss Nikola. We could not stay on our word and attack Today.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 2 in Urdu

He needs to know that our adjustment is still valid.

Let me reach too, sir. Nikola is enraged with his anger. No no no no, it would be enough for you to stay in the home. Hold an eye on the Malhun chick. You shouldn’t know that I moved to Nikola both. Storm. Yes sir. Did you make up for these aliens? Your order has been satisfied, lord. Each of them was finished, from their place to stay, their land to grow, their trade, and their workshops. Tell the Alps to improve their security.

If this Yason wants to get revenge

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 1 In Urdu, Your post is yours, lord. What data is there from Today? When he discovered our devotion, the plant did not grow on the land he had moved on from his arrogance. Let him comfort himself with his arrogance. Selam aleykum. Hello, sir. Akça dervish again, you can work like a bee, mashallah. Check is not for us, sir. Would you stay? Will the world stop, so that we have the end to stop.

We saw Cemal, our day was joyful, thank goodness.

Thank you, thank you. Is my sheikh inside? You are in here, my ruler. Esselamunaleyküm my sheikh. And all right, Osman Bey. You’ve made up your mind. I have made my judgment, my dear. I would like to say my purpose about the Malhun chick is if the mind has the permission of the brain. You did your part, Mr. Osman.

I will speak to Mr Gayri Umur. The actual test

Bala will get to be gentle with rocks in its bosom. You, too, will please the hearts of both girls and see not to break any of them.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 2 In Urdu, And even you will not be back from your business to the gas, from the work of the overweight you follow.

Pakistan Vs New Zealand ICC T20 Worldcup Match Live Streaming

today i will share all match details you can watch pakistan vs new zealand match online at PTV Sports and Ten Sports both these channels will telecast pakistan vs new zealand match and you can also watch it Live Here:

pakistan vs new zealand Live score updates Commentary Fixtures Stats Channels Users Statistics Tags T20 World Cup Tournament Matches Teams Players Updates News Review Highlights.

Live Commentary: PTV Sports and Ten Sports will provide live coverage for the cricket fans. Broad cast starts from 8 am (Pakistan Standard Time). You can also watch it Live Here:

how to watch pakistan and new zealand match live?

New Zealand and Pakistan will play the first T20I match on Thursday at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai.

The match starts from 8:00 PM local time. The matches pass off simultaneously in India and UAE, so if you are a resident of one of these countries then can watch the live streaming online or on your TV with cable. This article is about how to watch Pakistan vs New Zealand T20 match live.

Pakistan vs New Zealand Live Streaming Online: Watch Here Free

For viewers in India, the online streaming will be available on and Hotstar. You can also catch this match over here on TV with cable. The opening match of three-match series will be broadcasted by Ten Sports and PTV Sports in Pakistan and 360 Degree Facility is to telecast it live from Dubai.

Pakistan vs New Zealand Live Streaming Online: Watch Here Free

In UAE, the online streaming rights of the match have been given to OSN while users can also watch this match on their cable TV connections.

Pakistan vs New Zealand Live Streaming Online: Watch Here Free

For viewers in USA, Willow TV will telecast it on TV while online streaming of the match is available free on Willow TV Online. Viewers in England can watch this match on Sky Sports Cricket or via online streaming on Sky Go UK. South African viewers are to enjoy this series on Disney XD while Canada viewers can watch the matches live on ATN Cricket Plus.

Pakistan vs New Zealand Live Streaming Online: Watch Here Free

For Australia’s viewers, Fox Sports or OSN will telecast the matches while online streaming of this T20I series is available free on OSN Play and cricket.

Pakistan Vs India T20 Worldcup 2021 Live Streaming.

Pakistan Vs India T20 Worldcup 2021
Pakistan Vs India T20 Worldcup 2021

Pakistan vs India T20 Worldcup live match will be on pkchitchat on 24th Oct 7 pm. India Vs Pakistan T20 World cup match – Timing, Date, Teams will be presented here.
The break match of ICC T20 World Cup 2021 will be between Pakistan and India.

Pakistan Vs India T20 Worldcup 2021

 Through the competition, Babar Azam is the captain of the Pakistan team. After winning the T20 World Cup in 2009, Pakistan was never close to replicating the feat. The team will now strive to make it two in a row. There are some substation T20 batsmen and pacers in Pakistan’s squad. 

In the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, Pakistan is a part of group 2. Pakistan passed for the super 12 round previously. Other teams in group 2 include India, New Zealand, and Afghanistan. Once round 1 is finished, two more teams will be added. During the super 12 round, every team will play the other team in its group already. The two best teams will proceed to the semi-finals.

India Vs Pakistan Live Streaming

India vs Pakistan Match Timing 2021


India Vs Pakistan Match Result 2021 – Matches between India and Pakistan have always produced cricket at the most important level, from Joginder Sharma’s hold over in the 2007 decider to Kohli’s masterclass in the 2016 group stage and Mohammad Amir’s time in the 2017 Champions Trophy Final. This course is likely to remain on 24 October when Kohli and Babar Azam crash in Dubai.

Setting aside the competition, this is a match that will highlight some of the most interesting players in the league.

The Kohli vs. Azam match is a clash of captains, a battle of cover drives, a battle of two men who have relentlessly continued excellence. In T20I records, Kohli has the greatest number of runs (3159) at the highest average (52.65) of any player in the construction. Babar posts the format’s third-best standard (46.89). He has nearly increased his run tally (2204).

Aleeya Aleey Death News – Pakistani tiktoker Aleeya Aleey Death Confirm?

Aleeya Aleey Death News

Everyone is searching for aleeya aleey death news because we all are sad after seeing this news. On social media, it is being said that aleeya aleey Pakistani Tiktok start has died. But today I will confirm with you that is this news is real? or not.

Aleeya Aleey Death News

Aleeya aleey is a famous pakistani TikTok star. She has a big fan following on social media platforms. Aleeya aleey has 370k followers on Instagram. Many people love aleeya aleey. But today I will tell you that the news which is going viral is real or fake?

Aleeya Aleey is alive. Fake news regarding to her death is spreading like fire on social media. But you don’t need to believe that news. Aleeya Alee is alive and safe at her home. People have started fake controversy about aleeya aleey death.

Fact about Aleeya Aleey

Aleeya Aleey is from Multan. She is a TikTok star and a social media influencer. She has a big fan following. People follow aleeya aleey from a long time and they are shocked after this fake news. Aleeya Alee is 21 years old.

Photos of Aleeya Aleey.

These are some recent photos of Aleeya Aleey which insure that she is alive.

Dali University MBBS Scholarships – China University Scholarships

Dali University MBBS Scholarships

Dali university was founded in 2001. Dali university MBBS scholarships are being announced by the government of China. Dali University is located in Dali city. Dali city is located in Yunnan province. The scholarships program is applicable to students who gained at least 60% marks in Fsc.

China scholarships

Contact Before Applying.

Before applying please contact us on [email protected]

Dali University MBBS Scholarships


1. An candidate must be a non-Chinese national, in excellent health, and satisfy the requirement of “Health Screening and Admission Criteria for Foreign Students Studying in China”; The scholarship is only granted to new students.

2. An candidate should be of good ethical character, who will accept Chinese laws and regulations, university rules and regulations, who will respect Chinese social systems.

3. A bachelor’s degree candidate should possess a Diploma or Certification of high school (or another equivalent) and shall be over 18 and less than 25 years old. A master’s degree candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree and shall be smaller than 35 years old.

Application Procedure

1. Lat Date of Application: Based on the correct notification of CSC

2. Applications are asked to complete online methods at Both the CSC application method and Dali University general student service system.

Online application:

Contact on this mail to apply online.

[email protected]

CSC full scholarship policy:

1. Tuition, Registration, Internship, and laboratory fees: covered

2. Accommodation: covered

3. Monthly subsidy provided

4. Health Insurance: covered

* The scholarship policy shall be referred to the standard published by Chinese MoE

Documents to submit.

CSC Application Form (provided on the CSC website)

Notary Image of Diploma or Certification (Bachelor can provide Interim Certificate / Study Certificate)

A notary copy of the record.

Candidates for master’s degree will provide at least two reference letters in collaboration with the professor / associate professor.

A personal statement (not less than 800 words) Returns in Chinese or English, including study / research plan, family background, awards and merits.

Non-criminal record

A notarized copy of the valid HSK certificate (required for courses in Chinese Medium), an entrant must pass HSK4 for a major in Science and HSK5 for a major in Arts, and the score must not be less than 180. Before applying, the relevant Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) will be able to apply for one year of Chinese language training after approval by the CSC, during which they will still be eligible for the full scholarship. A copy of the validation certificate of English language proficiency (required for English medium courses)

A copy of the foreign physical examination form.

A copy of the valid passport.

* All of the above documents and notarization documents should be in Chinese or English. Please submit the above documents to both CSC and Dali University System.

Admission and notification.

1. The application for selection of applicants will be reviewed on the basis of the applicant’s material, GPA, language skills and entrance test (if required). The list of selected candidates for final evaluation will be submitted to CSC. Eligible applicants who pass the CSC assessment will be admitted.

2. Candidates will be given an entry notice, application form for study in China (JW201), and enrollment guide, and will apply for a study visa from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, according to Dali University. Register in

3. Candidates cannot apply for admission, transfer, major and change of study period.

4. Scholarships will not be remembered for candidates who cannot register before the given deadline without the authority of CSC.


Based on the record given in the Admission Notice, candidates must arrive in China and register at Dali University on time. The annual charge will be conveyed every year for all the scholarship students, according to the applicable regulations of CSC. Students who succeeded in the annual assessment can be eligible to hold the scholarship continuously next year.

Graduation and Degree

Diploma and Degree will be given to qualified students who receive the academic study and satisfied the requirement of proper rules in Dali University within the given time.