Pakistan Vs India T20 Worldcup 2021 Live Streaming.

Pakistan Vs India T20 Worldcup 2021
Pakistan Vs India T20 Worldcup 2021

Pakistan vs India T20 Worldcup live match will be on pkchitchat on 24th Oct 7 pm. India Vs Pakistan T20 World cup match – Timing, Date, Teams will be presented here.
The break match of ICC T20 World Cup 2021 will be between Pakistan and India.

Pakistan Vs India T20 Worldcup 2021

 Through the competition, Babar Azam is the captain of the Pakistan team. After winning the T20 World Cup in 2009, Pakistan was never close to replicating the feat. The team will now strive to make it two in a row. There are some substation T20 batsmen and pacers in Pakistan’s squad. 

In the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, Pakistan is a part of group 2. Pakistan passed for the super 12 round previously. Other teams in group 2 include India, New Zealand, and Afghanistan. Once round 1 is finished, two more teams will be added. During the super 12 round, every team will play the other team in its group already. The two best teams will proceed to the semi-finals.

India Vs Pakistan Live Streaming

India vs Pakistan Match Timing 2021


India Vs Pakistan Match Result 2021 – Matches between India and Pakistan have always produced cricket at the most important level, from Joginder Sharma’s hold over in the 2007 decider to Kohli’s masterclass in the 2016 group stage and Mohammad Amir’s time in the 2017 Champions Trophy Final. This course is likely to remain on 24 October when Kohli and Babar Azam crash in Dubai.

Setting aside the competition, this is a match that will highlight some of the most interesting players in the league.

The Kohli vs. Azam match is a clash of captains, a battle of cover drives, a battle of two men who have relentlessly continued excellence. In T20I records, Kohli has the greatest number of runs (3159) at the highest average (52.65) of any player in the construction. Babar posts the format’s third-best standard (46.89). He has nearly increased his run tally (2204).

Rohi News Live – Watch Rohi TV Live Steaming

rohi news live

Rohi News Live.

Rohi News Live – Watch Rohi news streaming Online is a live television channel of Pakistan. This is a type of channel. It broadcasts a wide range of programs, from agriculture to local government to health, to news, talk shows, dramas, documentaries and talk shows. Using to watch its live streaming. Also Check k21 news live.

Rohi news is the best news channel that provides all the latest news of Pakistan. Using this channel people can be updated with recent incidents, top government news, good and bad news of our country or any individual city.

rohi news live

Rohi News Multan live.

Rohi news is the Multan based news channel that provides every minute Multan news. It was launched on May 27, 2017. Rohi news broadcasts the latest news of the Multan city. It notices all the incidents and functions happening in Multan.

Rohi also broadcasts Multan Division news which include:

  • Khanewal District.
  • Lodhran District.
  • Multan District.
  • Vehari District.

How to Watch Rohi News Live?

Mostly people face issues to watch rohi news. But If you want to watch rohi news live then you have to follow some steps.

  1. Seach pkchitchat on google.
  2. Open it and type rohi news in search button.
  3. Now you will see an article about rohi news streaming.
  4. Open it Now you can see the live channel playing on the top.
  5. Enjoy.

Rohi News Urdu Today.

Rohi news is a pakistani channel that provides news in urdu. It is basically based on multan district. People living in multan want to watch this channel daily. Rohi news in urdu today news can be watched here on pkchitchat.

FAQs and their answers.

Question 1: What is Rohi TV?
Rohi TV is a live news channel based in Pakistan.

Question 2: Is Rohi TV free to watch live?
Yes, it’s free to watch.

Q 3: What kind of channel is Rohi TV live?
This is a news channel.

Q4: When can we watch Rohi TV live?
You can watch it anytime.

Q5: What kind of content does Rohi TV release?
It contains news content.

Q6: How to watch Rohi TV?
You can watch it on TV, cable, dish, mobile, computer and tablet.

Chemical Spray on Doctors has made many young doctors ill | #chemicalsprayondoctors

chemical spray on doctors

Chemical spray on doctors made many young doctors strictly ill. Members of the Young Doctors Association while finishing their objection in Lahore on Sunday gave a 24-hour requirement to the federal government to take aback National Licensing Examination (NLE), oppositely, they will stage a protest sit-in outside the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) in Islamabad, described pkchitchat

Chemical Spray on Doctors

As things changed worse throughout the protest in Lahore on Sunday, the police peppered Chemical Spray on Doctors in a bid to stop them from moving towards the NLE examination centre site.

The doctors claimed that the police used strong-arm tactics while handling their well-disposed protest. During the clash with the police organization, several doctors collapsed and many others doctors came ill.

Young Doctors postpone NLE protest,

Lahore’s young doctors first declared to stop work in the OPDs after their partners opposing licensing exam disagreed with the police but later took back their announcement.

On Friday, a heavy police contingent was present when young doctors had reached at Barkat Market in Lahore to protest against a licensing exam launched recently by the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC).

It is important to mention here that the Pakistan Medical Commission has stated that to practice in Pakistan, doctors will have to get a licensing exam after finishing five years of education.

MBBS examiners from outside are to be examined this year. While young doctors say the further examination is cheating because they had already reached the same exam to get their MBBS degrees. After the protest and clash on Friday, the PMC suspended the exam, which was being taken on Sunday (August 29).

Young doctors give 24-hour ultimatum to take back NLE

Lahore, 29t August: Young Doctors and students have suspended the protest against the National Licensing Exam (NLE), giving the officials 24 hours to accept their demands.

Young Doctors have once again complained against the National Licensing Examination (NLE) outside Examination Center.

Once again Young Doctors complain against NLE at the Examination Center

According to the circumstances, the agitators said that if the demands are not met, they may think closing the OPDs, which will remain till their demands are approved. The protestors also ask that if their demands are not listened within 24 hours, they will remain a sit-in outside the PMC hospital in Islamabad, which will remain till the demands are supported.

On the other hand, police officials say that after the suspension of protests, students and Young doctors have dispersed and regular traffic is now opened for all.

It is to be noted that the young doctors have again assumed outside the study center today to complain against the National Licensing Examination (NLE). Doctors and students formed the road from Barkat Market to Kalma Chowk. While police also used Chemical Spray on Doctors to separate the protesters.

In the meantime, people on social media have completely proscribed the use of pepper spray by police against the protestors. According to reports, several doctors are under serious diseases as a result of the chemical spraying by police officials.

K21 News Live – Watch K21 News Live streaming Online

k21 news live

K21 News Live Tv

K21 News Live Streaming. Now you can watch K21 News Live here on our website. K21 is a secret Urdu language news channel situated in Karachi. The channel is focused on Karachi people because it only shows Karachi news. This is the most popular channel in Karachi.

How To Watch K21 News Live Online:

So you will be anxious to know that how you can watch karachi news live. So, first of all, you have to use your mobile or computer.

  1. Open Google and Type in the search bar.
  2. Now you will see our website pkchitchat.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Now type in search bar k21 news live.
  5. Now you will see Our post Click and Enjoy it.

K21 channel Karachi.

K21 News supplements the people with its original news, shows, programs and welcomes them with appealing content. This channel transmits the true voice of Karachi by taking the live latest news from the center of Karachi. Watch K21 News live streaming on

The K21 news channel is very useful for the people who live in Karachi and want to get time to time update on Karachi. As it is especially for the people of Karachi. K21 news streaming can be easily watched on

K21 news live streaming.

K21 News contributes to the people with its original news, shows, programs and inspires them with pleasant content. This channel broadcasts the true voice of Karachi by producing the live latest news from the city of Karachi. Watch K21 News live streaming on

Get breaking Pakistani news or pick up with the newest stories, clips, and programs from your preferred shows. The “K21 News” produces breaking news and live streaming from K21 News live will encourage you to stay up to date on the events shaping on around the world.

k21 news Karachi ki awaz today.

K21 news channel has a program that is known as Karachi ki awaz. People usually like to see the Karachi ki awaz show. Because In this show different things are discussed which are happening in Karachi city.

This transmission is especially for Karachi where Karachi’s current situation is discussed. If you want to watch the daily updates of karachi ki awaz transmission then must visit below.

K21 News Karachi Ki Awaz Today 

Watch Lahore Rang News Live

Mashriq TV Live

Rohi News Live 


Watch Lahore Rang News Live Streaming Online – Lahore Rang news today live

lahore rang news live


Lahore rang news live streaming

Lahore Rang News Live Series – Watch Lahore Rang News Online Deprivation is a Lahore based news channel. The main purpose of Lahore Rang News is to provide everything about Lahore. It broadcasts only Lahore News. Lahore Rang News is a very popular channel among the people of Lahore. It broadcasts all kinds of news. It broadcasts almost every event in Lahore. You can watch Lahore Rang News live streaming on pkchitchat at any time.

Lahore rang news today

Today Lahore, Tuesday 30 March 2021 Watch Lahore Rang Live Broadcast Online at Pk Chit Chat. Enjoy all the latest programs through Lahore Rang TV Online Live Streaming. Watch your favorite programs on Lahore Rang Live TV without any hassle. With Lahore Rang, you can also watch Pakistan Live TV of other channels of your channel on your pages.

FAQs and their answers

Question 1: What is Lahore Rang News Live?
Lahore Rang News is a live news channel based in Pakistan.

Q2: Is Lahore Rang News free to watch live?
Yes, it’s free to watch.

Q3: What kind of channel is Lahore Rang News live?
This is a news channel.

Q4: When can we watch Lahore Rang News live?
You can watch it anytime.

Q5: What kind of content is Lahore Rang News live?
It contains news content.

Q6: How to watch Lahore Rang News live?
You can watch it on TV, cable, dish, mobile, computer and tablet.

Urdu 1 Live Streaming

K21 News Live

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Mashriq TV Live – Watch Mashriq Tv Live Streaming Online

mashriq tv live


Mashriq TV Live Streaming

Mashriq TV Live Series – Mashriq TV Online is a Peshawar-based, Pashto-language news channel. This is a 24 hour deprivation. The news is in Pashto. This is especially true for Pashto people. The registered office is in Peshawar. Its program is about current affairs, culture and so on. You can watch the Eastern News series live on

Mashriq TV is a 24-hour news channel based in Pakistan. It was found on August 14, 2016. It is the first regional news channel to broadcast news, current affairs and entertainment. Mashriq tv broadcasts pashto news and it is Peshawar based channel. It provides minute to minute news of Peshawar.

FAQs and their answers

Question 1: What is Middle TV Live?
Mashriq TV is a live news channel based in Pakistan.

Question 2: Is Mashriq free to watch TV?
Yes, it’s free to watch.

Question 3: What kind of channel is Mashriq TV live?
This is a news channel.

Q4: When can we watch Mashriq TV live?
You can watch it anytime.

Q5: What kind of content does Mashriq TV release?
It contains news content.

Q6: How to watch Mashriq TV live?
You can watch it on TV, cable, dish, mobile, computer and tablet.

E-vision IPTV Activation Code Latest List 2022

E-vision IPTV Activation Code

E-vision IPTV Activation Code. Are you searching for E-vision IPTV Activation Code. But Sadly, you are unable to find e vision iptv code 2021. Don’t worry we will provide you 100% active evision iptv codes.

E-vision iptv activation code free 2022.

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E-vision iptv activation code 2022 List.

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How to add and Activate E-vision Iptv code?

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Features of Evision IPTV.

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How to get Evision Iptv Latest Codes 2022?

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IPTV Roku Free Code 2022 Download List – Roku Private Channel Codes

IPTV Roku Free Code

IPTV Roku Free Code 2022. These days everyone is struggling to get IPTV Roku Free Code. Unfortunately, They are unable to find these codes but don’t worry today you will get them

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Iptv Roku Code Free.

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iptv on roku 2022

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Renderosity – Renderosity
Resources for the Future RFF – rff
RESURRECTION – Resurrection
Retaliate – Retaliate
Retro Family Christmas Theater – Christmas
Retro Family Christmas Theater – christmasat
Retro Sci-Fi – RetroSciFi
Retro Soul Radio – RetroSoulRadio
Retro Tech Time Machine – Retro
Retro Tennis – RetroTennis
Retrovision Internet TV – retrovision
Revelation of the Word Church – RevelationOfTheWord
Revision3 – Revision3
Revival Fire TV – RevivalFireTV
Revival is Here TV Network – RevivalisHere
Rhyme Time – RhymeTime
Rich Mom – RichMom
Right Network – RightNetwork
RightNow Media – RightNowMedia
RightWay TV – RightWay – RingScoops
Ripped TV LIVE – 910
River of Life – RiverofLife
rkla – NXRX6QT
RMG-TV – Rover’s Morning Glory – RMGTV
RoadhouseRarities – 3596
Robeson Designs – RobesonDesigns
Rock Bottom Radio – rockbottom
Rock climbing videos – DPMTV
Rockford First Church – RockfordFirstChurch
RockinShareBeta – qyzex
Rockswap Adventures – Rockswap
Rogue – Rogue
Rokagram – Rokagram
Roksbox Cloud – CU2SC
Roksbox Network Streaming – P1KWQ
Rokthat Cheer & Dance Network – rokthat
RokTV – Rok
RokuCastr – CL9D5D
Roku Search Channel – YN3G6N
RokuRocket – RokuRocket – roopstigo
Rosetta Bryson TV – rosettabrysontv
Roxwel – Roxwel
Roy on Rescue – RoyonRescue
rqtv – amv3qu
rqtv – rqtv
Ruby Stream Channel – BDB
Runway TV – runwaytv
Russia TV News English – RTNEWS


Sabbath School TV – sabbathschooltv
Saddle Up! Westerns – rokt
Saddle Up! Westerns – SaddleUpWesterns
Saddleback Church – Saddleback
Safe TV – SafeTV
Sahara – Sahara
Saib Lomzem Channel – 6244
Sail TV – SailTV
SalsaBeat TV – FRMFS
Salt and Light – saltandlight
Salvation Army Media TV – samtv
Salvation TV – Salvation
Sammy Tippit Ministries Media – SammyTippit
Sapibontv – SapibonTV
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Sasquatch Chronicles – BHR
SatelliteGuys Radio – SATGUYS
SAT-IPTV – 5831
Save the Kales – SavetheKales
SCCtv – seattlecctv
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Science Fiction and Beer – TZG6P92
SCMDL (Secretly Branded) Channel – CAFEH
Scout for Netflix Beta – SCOUTALPHA – screamzine
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SEC Digital Network – SEC
Septic Radio – HWA3K8
Serenity Channel – Serenity – SermonAudio
Seventh-day Adventist TV – 7thdayadventisttv
Shamu Cam – fdsdf
Shamu Cam – FDSDF
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Shine Africa TV – 1957
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SHOUTcast Internet Radio – SHOUTcast
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SyFy – syfy

How to Add Roku Private Channels by Code.

Use This A-Z List To Find and Join Private Roku Channels by Code.

First attend the Add Private Roku Channel Page at:


STEP 1. If you are not previously signed in, you first require to sign-in to your Roku account at the link given above.

STEP 2. Join the private Roku channel code in the box that tells Channel access code. Then agree -> Add Channel

STEP 3. Before the channel can be calculated Click OK on the pop-up *disclaimer notice.

STEP 4. If the private channel code is correct, you will see the channel icon as given below. Then finally agree Yes, to add the channel.

*ABOUT THE DISCLAIMER: Attaching private Non-Certified Roku Channels requires matching OK whenever these Roku Channels are installed. This was placed there to deter developers from gaining from copyrighted content on the Roku platform. Now, most Non-Certified and Private Roku Channels include legal content and are not influenced by this disclaimer.

Please Note: This website is not authorized by nor affiliated with Roku which is a brand of

STEP 5. Once Roku private channels should be combined, go to settings/system on your Roku and choose Sign Now for updates.

After your Roku player has finished updating, your new channels can be found at the very back of your channels list on your Roku.

Choose the channel and press the (*) button on your past to move or delete channels.

Can I get IPTV on my Roku?

To stream IPTV on your Roku connected TV, you need to install Smart IPTV app on your device and use the cast or mirror option in your device

What is the 4 digit code for Roku TV?

Your Roku PIN is a four-digit code you set up in your Roku account for use on your device

Does XTV still work on Roku?

The original XTV, known and loved by hordes of Roku users looking for free access to cable channels and popular network shows, was removed from Roku as a result of a third party claim of copyright violation.

Can you get so player on Roku?

SOPlayer is a popular IPTV streaming application compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Star IPTV Activation Code 2022 Complete Download List

Echo Star IPTV Activation Code 2022.

Are you wondering here and there for star iptv code. So you are on the right place because here we share latest star iptv activation codes. In the previous post  thousand of people Download IPTV Activation code Free & Xtream codes IPTV.

In this post we are Publish Working Code so dive into the Topic. You can Get Huge List new Star IPTV Activation Code .

  • You don’t want to spend for a TV provider if you can run videos online.


Star IPTV Activation Code
Star IPTV Activation Code

  • I am attempting to renew the playlist and your app will show an updated version


How to Use star iptv code:

To use star iptv activation codes you need to install apk from above link. Then you need to follow some steps from below.

  • Extend existing playlists
  •  Create categories
  •  Create playlists for other countries
  •  Link checking
  •  Link generating
  •  m3u file generation from file (.csv)

Watch channels on your phone star IPTV

Today this application is available for you to download and the best applications Code Global Application Without 2019 Very Popular Zo Big Specifications Star IPTV And Powerful

  • Free without a single dollar
  • The application does not require strong internet
  • Works with normal and medium package works with high
  • Quality and separate and without code on Android Star IPTV

Benefits of Star Iptv:

StarUp TV works on the poor quality of the internet and works third and amazing
Also, Star IPTV works by default without any activation code and has a huge collection of amazing global channels.
Since Star IPTV works on all devices running Android, no subscription fee is required, download and play for free Star IPTV Watch channels directly on the phone.

Disadvantages of Star Iptv:

  • Additional software does not work on computers with StarPTV
  • Laptop Star on Android does not work on IPTV Watch channels

Star IPTV Countries Activation Code:

This application has a large collection of international channels, including sports
And there are channels for watching movies and games on the phone, free from speculation
And Abu Dhabi Sports Channels and Egyptian Channels and US, Germany, France, Indian, Egyptian, Turkish, Spain, Libya, Morocco, Chinese and Japanese #tvStar IPTV Channels

Star IPTV Interface:

The best Mac of this application Star IPTV interface is really a very nice and excellent form which is no problem.
Browsing usually consists of a basic interface and on the other hand each line on the package with it according to the package and watch channels on Android via State Star TV TV.


Pakistan Vs South Africa 1st T20 Live

Pakistan Vs South Africa 1st T20 Live

Pakistan have become the second team after the Australians to win two bilateral ODI series in South Africa after defending 321 with a decisive victory in the third ODI at Superport Park. In the World Cup Super League, he scored 20 points and reached the top with England and Australia.

In this match which tested the depth of both the teams, 11 changes were made in both the teams. South Africa’s seven and Pakistan’s four-one touch remained the same. Fakhr Zaman scored his second consecutive century, and by the way, became the first Pakistani batsman to score a century more than an ODI in South Africa and the most runs by a batsman in a three-match series against South Africa. Build and conquer. .

Between him and Babar Azam, who scored 94, he asked his hosts to make the most successful chase on the ground, as Kyle Verini and Andel Pahlukio almost started a revolt. In his sixth wicket partnership of 108 off 99 balls, South Africa scored 141 for 5 and successfully bowled it out for 73. But in the end, after losing most of the last six teams to spin, Mohammad Nawaz and Usman Qadir took four wickets.

Although South Africa will once again need to re-examine their approach against the turning ball, they have also lost their front-line attack, all of which have left for the IPL. With Kagiso Rabada, Enrich Nortzi and Longi Engedi absent, Darren Duppelin, Lotho Seppmala and Byron Hendricks bowled 18 overs for 118 without taking a wicket. Instead, it was Cashew Maharaj, who enlisted the help of Tabriz Shamsi, who had the most success, backed by all-rounder John Smith and part-time spinner Eden Markram. Overall, South Africa bowled 28 overs – the most in ODIs – and took a total of six wickets.

In a left-handed move, Markram opened up both bowling and batting, allowing him to start in both fields in the last two decades as the last two Africans after Robin Patterson. Although he gave away 48 runs in 10 overs and took 2 runs but was dismissed for 18 runs, he will be happy with his performance even before he is caught behind the pads.

Markram and South Africa got off to a good start with the ball and Pakistan got just one boundary in the first six overs, but it was calm before the storm. When Zaman hit the first six of the innings – the opener saw the rhythm on the sepumla shortball he tied over the midwicket. Meanwhile, Imam-ul-Haq grabbed Dupleix’s short ball from his trademark bridge and scored a half-century off 60 balls.

His century stand came in the 19th over and he made the first opening pair to score five centuries in ODIs, but they were torn apart as the cards picked up speed. The Imam went off the rails to try and hit the Maharaja for a long time but the time for his paralysis did not come and Vererin caught him.

Enter Azam, who faced the eighth ball, as he signals his intention with a beautiful backdoor drive on the eighth ball. Zaman continued to work as an anchor, allowing lengths in the line, such as in the Sipmala over, where the youngster sprayed him on both sides of the wicket and Zaman took three boundaries. His century came in midwicket with a short arm and with more than 15 overs left, he had so much time left that he started in the second ODI at Wanderers, where he was bowled out for 193 but Maharaj Stopped it

Picture of the story
Kelly Warren shared 108 with Andel Phallokio for the sixth wicket AFP via Getty Images.
He made Zaman LBW when the batsman missed the slag sweep and hit the back pad but Zaman checked. Hair tracking shows that his leg is missing. On the very next ball, Zaman tried to pedal Maharaj but Henrik Klaassen came to the inside edge of his pads to give an easy catch.

The dismissal led to a small defeat, which saw Pakistan beat Pakistan by 5 wickets at 51 off 64 balls. Maharaj, Summit and Markram were responsible for the squeezing and could have reduced Pakistan to less than 300 before Azam and Hassan Ali came together for the final flourishing. He scored 56 runs in the last three overs, Azam finished a shot with a century.

They needed a good start when South Africa needed to score 6.50 runs in an over from the allotted time. Markram and Jeniman Milan, both powerful hitters, laid the groundwork with boundaries on both sides of the field, including Markram’s classic core drive and Shaheen Afridi’s pull of Milan’s front foot. The value of his partnership was 54 when Markram was out in the ninth over.

With John Smith, an unbeaten batsman at the Crown, June and without him, Azam waited for the end of the power play before introducing Qadir. Schmidt showed some aggression by sweeping the scours leg, but never seemed completely relieved as Qadir bowled him with a flapper.

Urdu 1 Live Watch Now